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Writing was my first love, and as such, I communicate better via writing than I do speaking. I obtained my Bachelors of Arts in Journalism, and have worked as a freelance journalist and copywriter for over a decade.


I have a comfort, penchant for, and fluidity with words that I utilize to capture my client's authentic stories, desires and brand missions. From an editorial perspective, I use my talent to write/ report on stories about fashion, beauty, culture, travel, art, spirituality, luxury lifestyles, relationships, sensuality and sexuality; and entertainment.


I'm available for copywriting, copy editing and reporting services on a freelance basis. If interested in working with me, please drop a note at

Review Samples of My Work Below:


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Editorial Features & Reporting:

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What Clients Have Said:


"At heart, Bella is a writer. As such, merged into her well-penned approach to the editorial process is an advocacy of humanity coupled with her self-appointed responsibility to inform. An undercurrent of journalistic integrity compels her belief that the general consumer should be an informed decision maker in the marketplace. As a result, educating and inspiring her viewer, reader, and follower is held with the equal importance of entertaining them."

~ Tone Swep, Editor-in-Chief of Pure Dope Magazine.

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