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Creative Direction

As a creative director, I specialize in developing enchanting editorial photo shoots, advertorial campaigns, user generated content (UGC), and short, art films that help brands connect with their ideal clientele and patronages. I'll work closely to capture your vision in its truest form, and together, we'll conceptualize the perfect merger of aesthetics and your product/brand.


I provide all support, and management of logistical services, and I have a talented team of professional cinematographers and editors that I work with. For clients, I facilitate all phases of production, from development (writing, budgeting) to pre-production (wardrobe, casting, location scouting), and post-production (editing, sound mixing).


If desired, I'm available on a select basis to consult and/or work with your existing team. 

For rates and inquires, email or send a message via the contact form. Pricing is dependent on scope of project.

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Short Film for Muse by Midnight

Short Film for Haloranch

Magazine Editorials

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