Black Women Deserve Rest 
(Initiative to Provide Business Development and Mental Health Services to Black Women)

Inhumane. As I watched George Floyd be murdered – lying on the ground, with an officer’s knee on his neck and struggling to breathe – I thought about how little one has to care about human life to snuff it out that way.


Haunted. Whenever I think about Breonna Taylor; murdered inside her home – the one place she should feel safe – by the people paid to protect her.


Tension. I carry it in my body. Usually it’s across my shoulders, but some days it traipses up to my neck, and then down to my lower back. Over the past two weeks, it’s become a familiar pang, and joined forces with insomnia and nausea.


As a Black woman, and a Black American, my relationship with anxiety, racism-induced PTSD and trauma is not unique – or isolated. It’s shared by the collective of Black people across the diaspora. However, within the United States – the systemic, institutional racism that pervades our society is a festering, oozing sore. The tiredness that emerges from constantly training people on how to treat you, flows from a valley so deep, you can never touch the center.


Black women are particularly vulnerable and unshielded, and in the weeks since the pandemic, the malaise amongst us has only intensified. Coworkers and strangers pummel us with microaggressions, and nearly everyone extracts emotional currency from us – while expecting us to be the mythic “strong Black woman.”

#BlackWomenDeserveRest -- MsBellaGraham.

As a Witch, strategist, journalist, cancer and mental health advocate – and future Marriage and Family Therapist, I would like to help provide a respite for Black women and non-binary individuals.


I want to help Black women thrive in this time of social unrest and economic instability, and so I have created an initiative for entrepreneurial/business development and emotional support.


I am offering two Black business women (or non-binaries) a FREE 1-hour “Coffee with Bella” strategy session.


During each 1:1 virtual session, which will be conducted via Zoom, we will discuss topics ranging from branding to sustainable business models, marketing, scaling, tips for becoming a professional writer or attracting new consumers. These coffee sessions are short and powerful alternatives to The Chrysalis, my three-month entrepreneur mentorship program – and can be utilized to explore ways businesses can pivot to survive post-Coronavirus.


I have worked with diverse creative professionals from artists to photographers, app developers, journalists, healers and coaches – so I’m in the position to utilize my experience across a wide array of industries (Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty, Publishing and Tech) to assist you.


To apply for a scholarship, click here.


I wish I could help more than two individuals, but to honor and prioritize my own recalibration, I need to be mindful of my bandwidth. Scholarships are open only to those who live in the United States.




In addition to the two scholarships, I am allocating space for 10 “Coffee with Bella” sessions, which will ONLY be available to Black women.


To support Black women’s need for access to therapy, I will be donating 50% of profits from these 10 sessions to two mental health organizations: The Loveland Foundation and the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. Both serve the Black community, and currently provide free access to therapy. 


Receipts of my donations are posted here. All 12 sessions (including the two scholarships) will be scheduled between now and December 31, 2020 (with exact dates/times subject to my discretion).


If you would like to book a paid session, please email me directly to schedule at If you would like to apply for a scholarship, click here.



  • $100 - 1 hr strategy session

  • I accept payment via Zelle, Venmo or Cash App. 

  • Full payment due at time of booking.



I'm calling for all allies to help support this initiative to provide business development and mental health services to Black women!




I will chose a random applicant from the list of Black women who applied for a scholarship to receive your donation. Just as with those who pay for a session, 50% of your donation will also go to the Loveland Foundation and the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. If I receive donations which exceed the cost of 10 sessions, then I will donate the FULL AMOUNT of the excess to both foundations evenly. View donation receipts here.


GoFundMe - Grad School for Bella Graham

If you appreciate my cause and the original content I’ve been creating on social media to raise awareness about social justice and sensitivity, such as a video on how White and non-Black allies can be mindful of their emotional currency requests, as well a post on shadow work amongst non-Black people – you may donate to either my Venmo or Cash App.


Furthermore, as I mentioned above, I will be starting grad school this fall to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). I plan to specialize in narcissistic abuse and intergenerational trauma, and if you support my dream to serve Black women and the LBGTQIA community, then I would appreciate a donation towards my grad school fund.

I look forward to continuing to support my Black community during this unprecedented time of social unrest and pandemic. Take the pledge with me!



If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, you may email