Brittany Bella Graham (CSPO, CSM) is an LA-based Strategist, Product Manager, Journalist and Creative Director with several years of experience spanning the Tech, Travel, Fashion and Entertainment sectors. She is also a current grad student; in route to become a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT).

With deep experience in digital marketing, content strategy, advertising, social media, agile product management and campaigns spanning across print, mobile and online – Bella has become an expert in fusing technology and advertising in innovative ways. She also specializes in the intersection of traditional over-the-top media and streaming services – and how providers can maintain relevancy in a changing market. Bella is certified as a Scrum Product Owner and Master with the Scrum Alliance, and is a passionate champion for inclusion and diversity in media and tech.


The Chrysalis

(Mentorship Program For Entrepreneurs)


Publishing isn’t what it once was. Brick and mortar is dead (almost). E-commerce trumps retail. Executives now consider social media presence, in ADDITION to talent, when deciding on distribution deals and partnerships. And content rules everything.


It’s entirely plausible that the only answer to thriving in today’s global marketplace is to literally UNLEARN all of what you’ve been traditionally taught about being an entrepreneur and scaling a business. The old rules don’t work in this new age, and as a pioneer in the digital sphere, I want to teach you how to reinvent the wheelhouse.

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Spiritual Entrepreneur

(Witchy Edition)

As a spiritual entrepreneur, Bella has taken her experience working with Fortune 500 brands such as Google, Rolls-Royce and Fashion Week, and translated the hard elements of business into the world of intuition.


Now she is sharing her expertise with others.


Join the "Amplify Your Magick: Witchy Edition" of the Chrysalis Mentorship Program to receive guidance on developing sustainable business models, establishing boundaries with clients - and more!

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Over the years, as Bella has progressed in life and spirit—traversing across numerous countries and embracing new disciplines—one of the most common questions she is asked is, “How?”


How did you transition from an Entertainment Journalist to working with renowned, global brands and developing experiential activations with Google; to combining your passion for technology, advertising, marketing and digital media; and eventually launching a private travel concierge and talent agency that spans 15+ countries?

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