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Working at the intersection of Technology, Advertising and Digital Media is my profession, but witchery is my way of life. Strategy, Production, Marketing and Logistics is what I do, but witchery is a part of who I am. Over the years, my spiritual beliefs and practices have shaped both my professional and personal code of ethics; and at times, I've been guided to make decisions based on my intuition - which has yet to serve me wrong.

I don't peddle wares such as charged candles or accept payments for tarot readings, but I do represent myself as a proud Witch, and frequently participate in producing events in the Pagan community. I also regularly share intuitive messages on my Instagram account and have been interviewed for a few magazines and publications. 

I film monthly, intuitive readings for each New and Full Moon (which can be found in the Content section of the site), and I integrate witchery into my work (when it aligns).
However, I absolutely never push my beliefs on others - or present them in professional settings where it isn't appropriate. I believe that Source always works in tandem with my best interests, and I love working on projects that inspire me mentally, spiritually and creatively. If you'd love to work with me regarding something witchy, pagan or occult-related, please send an email to with a brief synopsis of your proposition. I'm also available for interviews. 
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I receive quite a few questions regarding my particular form of witchery, so I've composed a few bullet points on my beliefs.


  • I am a solo-practicing witch. I am not a member of a coven,

  • I work with the Orisha, Oya. An Orisha is a deity found across numerous African, Carribeean and Afro-Latino practices.

  • I read tarot, but only for myself and close friends.

  • I believe that everyone should develop their own spiritual agency, and never believe anything solely because someone else swears by it.

  • I utilize witchcraft as a form of self-healing.

  • The pronouns I prefer are "Pagan," "Bruja" or "Witch."

  • I do not follow any particular branch of witchcraft. My beliefs are an amalgamation of personal experiences and numerous pagan practices.

  • I work with the element of Earth (plants and herbs).

I DON'T offer readings or cast spells for others. You cannot "book" me for such services.

I DO consult with individuals and brands for witchcraft-related projects such as product marketing, special events, creating campaigns with witchy and wellness influencers; writing, and film and video content-creation.


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