Working at the intersection of Technology, Entertainment, Fashion and Digital Media is my profession, but witchery is my way of life.
Strategy, production and creative direction is my expertise, but witchery is a part of who I am. Over the years, my spiritual beliefs and practices have shaped both my professional and personal code of ethics; and at times, I've been guided to make decisions based on my intuition - which has yet to serve me wrong.
I represent myself as a proud Witch, and frequently produce (and host) events within the Spiritual and Pagan communities. I also run a mentorship program for spiritual entrepreneurs, share intuitive messages on my Instagram account, write and consult on occult topics; develop branded campaigns and content for the pagan and wellness communities (especially those of color) – and have been interviewed for magazines and publications. 
However, I absolutely never push my beliefs on others - or present them in professional settings where it isn't appropriate. I believe that Source always works in tandem with my best interests, and I love working on projects that inspire me mentally, spiritually and creatively.
If you'd love to work with me regarding something witchy, pagan or occult-related, please send an email to Bella@MissBellaGrahamConsulting.com with a brief synopsis of your proposition. I'm also available for interviews and consultations. 
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I receive quite a few questions regarding my particular form of witchery, so I've composed a few bullet points on my beliefs.


  • I am a solo-practicing witch. I am not a member of a coven,

  • I work with the Orisha, Oya. An Orisha is a deity found in African, Caribbean and Afro-Latino practices.

  • I do not provide tarot readings. Astrology and/or tarot readings are not a part of my professional offering.

  • I believe that everyone should develop their own spiritual agency, and never believe anything solely because someone else swears by it.

  • I utilize witchcraft as a form of self-healing.

  • The pronouns I prefer are "Pagan" or "Witch."

  • I do not follow any particular path of witchcraft, but one could say that I'm Hoodoo and Santeria "adjacent." My beliefs are an amalgamation of personal experiences and traditional African practices.

  • I work with the element of Earth (plants and herbs).

I DON'T offer readings or cast spells for others. You cannot "book" me for such services.

I DO consult with individuals and brands for witchcraft-related projects such as product marketing, special events, creating campaigns with witchy and wellness influencers; writing, and film and video content-creation.

I DO work with other witches, healers and spiritual practitioners through my mentorship program for entrepreneurs.