The Chrysalis
(Mentorship Program) 



Publishing isn’t what it once was. Brick and mortar is dead (almost). E-commerce trumps retail. Executives now consider social media presence, in ADDITION to talent, when deciding on distribution deals and partnerships. And content rules everything.


It’s entirely plausible that the only answer to thriving in today’s global marketplace is to literally UNLEARN all of what you’ve been traditionally taught about being an entrepreneur and scaling a business. The old rules don’t work in this new age, and as a pioneer in the digital sphere, I want to teach you how to reinvent the wheelhouse.

Are you ready for a metamorphosis?


Due to Coronavirus, and the desire to allow more individuals access to the program, The Chrysalis is now ongoing!


Applications are now accepted at any time, and program start dates can be customized to fit individual schedules.

I’ve worked across the Entertainment, Advertising, Publishing, Fashion, Tech, Wellness and Travel sectors for over a decade — and my ability to rapidly adapt to changing consumer landscapes has become an essential skill to maintaining a consistent client base.


From Product Marketer to Creative Director, Tour Manager, Advertising Strategist and Journalist, I’ve consulted in nearly a dozen roles. Whether it was producing an event for Google, spearheading the launch of a digital platform or directing the rebrand for a contemporary fashion label; I remained at the top of my game by analyzing market trends, predicting industry turns and taking calculated risks.


I became a digital nomad before it was a Googleable term, and I consistently created innovative methods to work while traveling. I took groups of bloggers and influencers to high-profile events such as New York and London Fashion Week, and then aligned them with brands who paid to leverage the power of their engaged audiences. This was BEFORE the FCC began regulating sponsored content, before Mercedes-Benz departed as a sponsor and before NYFW moved from Lincoln Center.


When I was in college, everyone advised me to pick ONE segment of the market to work in (for instance, Fashion or Technology), but I refused to choose. I knew there was a way that I could sustain myself by combining my love for Technology, Digital Media, Marketing, Advertising and Travel in cutting-edge ways, and so I went for it.

The key is to do it BEFORE other people do it, in a way NO ONE ELSE HAS, with your own UNIQUE SPIN – and MONETIZE it.

I’m a proud rule-breaker, and I want to teach you how to redefine the world as you see it! Who I am, my integrity, aesthetics and morals are all deeply interwoven into the fabric of how I present myself professionally. In the past, society-at-large has taught us that we must separate our “personal” and “professional” selves, but in my direct experience, it’s always been a tactical balance. Consumers today want to know who they’re purchasing from –– and the values of the companies they support. Over the years, I’ve had hair colors ranging from orange to purple to green; and I’ve also been the youngest member in a boardroom devoid of people of color. I only work with clients that I believe in and trust, and I don’t take work solely for the sake of money. Just like me, your authentic dreams can be rooted in a concrete, tangible reality!


Three years ago, I began hosting my annual, year-end “Coffee Conversations” so that I could show others how to live their dreams out loud, but now I’m taking those one-hour strategy sessions to the next level by launching an innovative mentorship program to churn out the world’s next set of creative thinkers and leaders.

I'll Guide You Through Your Own Chrysalis and Out!  

Who The Chrysalis Is For

During my 3-month (12 weeks) mentorship program, I will guide each of my mentees through a custom-tailored program designed to take their career, small business or brand to the next level of ascension. The program will encompass not just professional and industry know-how, but tools to develop mindfulness and personal truths — and incorporate them into their business.


This program is open to entrepreneurs across all disciplines or industries; whether you’re a developer seeking guidance on launching an app, an e-commerce business owner looking to boost sales, an artist yearning to introduce their music to the world or an influencer or writer looking to land more placements.


As each mentee will have a different set of benchmarks that they’re looking to achieve, I will work hands-on with each individual to develop a curriculum that best suits their needs, and learning/communication style.

  • One 1-hr Mentee Intake Session (resulting in the development of a 3-Month Goal Strategy Plan)

  • Weekly 1-hr Mentoring Phone Calls (or Video Chats)

  • A Strategic Brand Evaluation

  • A Professional Style Guide

  • Customized Weekly Exercises

  • Customized Assignments and Prompts

  • Access to me (via email or cell phone) during regular business hours: M-F 10am-5pm PT


**In certain cases, during the 3rd month, I may agree to work in specific capacities as your Manager or Agent (for brand development purposes)

**Select mentees may also receive a discount towards my retainer fee for Manager or Agent services (should we decide to embark on a longer-termed, professional relationship after the mentorship program ends)

Valued at over $5500!

Exclusive to my mentees for $1500

  • FULL PROGRAM INVESTMENT:  $1500 ($500 per month)

  • PAID UPFRONT SPECIAL:  $1350 (Save $150)

Due to Coronavirus, and the desire to allow more individuals access to the program, The Chrysalis is now ongoing! Applications are now accepted at any time, and program start dates can be customized to fit individual schedules.

Mentees can be based anywhere in the world! This program is entirely virtual.

Selected mentees will be contacted via email to schedule a complimentary 20-min phone consultation.


Past mentorship participants, and the general public, are eligible to receive a $55 CASH referral bonus, for all referrals that are successfully accepted into the program! Just make sure that your referral includes your name in their application. Once their payment is complete, you will receive your fee! 

*Keep in mind that all programs will be tailored.

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