Tone Swep, Editor-In-Chief of TSE says:

"Bella Graham is a socio-cultural idealist at the vanguard of young Hollywood who fuses a refreshingly genuine love of people, art, music, film, television, and fashion with an impressive working knowledge of mass communication, media relations, and target marketing. At heart, Bella is a writer. As such, merged into her well-penned approach to the editorial process is an advocacy of humanity coupled with her self-appointed responsibility to inform. An undercurrent of journalistic integrity compels her belief that the general consumer should be an informed decision maker in the marketplace. As a result, educating and inspiring her viewer, reader, and follower is held with the equal importance of entertaining them.

At Pure DOPE, Bella has been responsible for the development and marketing of several emerging young artists and brands, a list which includes: (Artists) Agnez Mo, Sean Kingston, Don Benjamin, Tinashe, B. Smyth, Cashius & Pheo, Casey Veggies; (Brands) Joy Rich, Crooks & Castles and others.

As an engagement marketer, Bella is one of the most advanced creative professionals to ever collaborate with the art production and social-influence marketing teams here at Pure DOPE Magazine. As executive editor, I nicknamed Bella “Young Franca” as I found her method of galvanizing otherwise monocultural industries and individuals with an embrace of intellectualism, mod style, and subtle nods to lipstick feminism likened to that of a young Franca Sozzani – the iconic editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia since 1988. We at Pure DOPE/SEXEE look forward to collaborating with Young Franca for many years to come."

Jeffrey John, Business Development Manager at Docler Holding says:

"I had the privilege of working with Brittany on Oranum.com. Her devotion, enthusiasm, energy and impeccable professionalism was a major driving force in the revival of Oranum’s social media identity. Her top-notch creative skills coupled with her wealth of experience as an Influencer Marketer meant that she was able to single-handedly boost Oranum’s social media presence across all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube etc). She also built a blog we are proud of now almost entirely from the scratch to over 5k monthly visitors.

In addition to her digital marketing skills, she possesses immense offline marketing skills which was evident in the way she organized workshops/events and the number talents she was able to recruit within a short space of time.

Having worked closely with Brittany, I highly recommend her for her vibrant personality, professionalism and the experience she brings to any project she is given."

Betty Zabezhinsky, Recruiter says:

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Bella Graham! Bella has the creative vision to turn your idea into a brand. She was able to strategically execute creative content, build successful partnerships and put together brand specific events for Oranum (Docler Media’s psychic website). Her vibrant personality and positive attitude is a bonus to her diligent work ethic. I highly recommend her!"

Martin L. Smith,  Marketing Growth Strategist at Aside Worldwide says:

"I had the pleasure of working with Brittany as a Fashion Photographer and Social Media Copywriter with our shopping center client Westfield Culver City. Brittany did an exceptional job using her creativity to choose items that would gain positive comments, likes and feedback across Westfield’s social channels. She was very easy to work with, and readily adapted to the requests of our client.


I wholeheartedly recommend Brittany and would undoubtedly hire her again."