Example of a Chrysalis Mentorship Plan


  • Week 1: Identifying Your Consumer Base + Target Demographics

  • Week 2: Creating a Sustainable Business Model

  • Week 3: Developing a Brand Voice and Tone

  • Week 4: Cultivating Your Elevator Pitch


  • Week 1: Identifying How Much You Should Charge and Setting Your Rates

  • Week 2: Developing Business Contracts and Invoicing Templates

  • Week 3: Avoiding Burnout and Practical Tools to Establish Professional Boundaries

  • Week 4: Development of a Media Kit or Rate Sheet



  • Week 1: The Art of Leveraging Your Network

  • Week 2: Making Sure Your Business Model Can Withstand Market Shifts and Pivots

  • Week 3: Learning the Art of the “Sell”

  • Week 4: Industry-Specific Secrets and Tools


*Keep in Mind that all programs will be tailored