Diversity + Inclusion Specialist

As the world continues to experience an eruption of consciousness (which acknowledges the historical power structures and inequalities spanning across race, nationality, sexuality and gender) – a strong need for the language (and containers) in which to address such deeply complex realties has arisen.


How can brands and corporations hold themselves accountable, while still creating safe spaces for employees and consumers to feel like their concerns are heard – and that their voices (and lives) matter? How can we, as a Collective, begin to eradicate the racism, implicit bias, prejudice and White supremacy that permeates not only daily life, but media, workplaces, advertising and various other groups?

BrittanyBella Graham_Diversity Specialis

You can start by hiring a diversity and inclusion consultant.

As a specialist in this field, particularly as it pertains to the BIPOC and LBGTQIA communities, I can assist with the following:


  • Addressing organizational issues related to cultural competence.

  • Serving as the subject-matter expert in bias awareness in media, advertising, the healthcare system, the spiritual/occult community; and the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries.

  • Creating content for diversity-sensitivity and cultural competence awareness publications and communications.

  • Developing diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives.

  • Providing consultation and coaching to managers and supervisors to improve cross-cultural communication.

  • Developing recommendations for institutional racism and sexism policy revisions that will facilitate the fostering of a diverse and inclusive community.

Work Sample:


  • I was appointed to lead the communications strategy and development of a Diversity & Inclusion Committee for the Modern Witches Confluence – a community driven organization which hosts an annual convention and online marketplace for witches. You may view their current statement and DEI messaging here: https://modernwitches.org/justice-liberation

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