Coffee With Bella
Launching a New Business, But Don't Know Where to Start? Curious About Developing Your Own Spiritual Agency? Want to Elevate Your Brand, But Can't Commit to Long-Term Mentorship?
Try a 1-Hour Strategy Session!

Over the years, as Bella has progressed in life and spirit—traversing across numerous countries and embracing new disciplines—one of the most common questions she is asked is, “How?”


How did you transition from being an Entertainment Journalist to working with renowned, global brands; and then later developing experiential activations for Google and curating influencer experiences during New York and London Fashion Week? Or what process(es) led to you launch a private travel concierge and talent agency that now spans 15+ countries? Or how did you manage to combine your passion for technology, advertising, marketing and digital media in a manner which attracted paying clients — and resulted in launching your own consulting agency? And most frequently, how did your intuition and spirituality impact your career and professional ascension?

Book a one-hour coaching session with Bella, and learn firsthand how to start building tangible steps to achieving your professional and personal spiritual goals! 



During your private, one-hour “Coffee Conversation,” Bella will meet with you via Zoom, and give you unrestricted access to ask whatever you want; pertaining to either your professional or spiritual paths, or both.


During your session, you may ask questions such as:

  • How she got her start in Journalism (and how you can become a professional writer)

  • How to protect yourself as a small business owner (contract basics, kill fees and more)

  • How you can build a sustainable lifestyle as a traveling writer and/or influencer

  • Best business practices and/or strategies for your current endeavor

  • How you can land celebrity interviews

  • Current market trends in your industry

  • Self-care practices for entrepreneurs

  • How to get started and develop your own spiritual/ metaphysical practice; which may include reading tarot, rituals and divinatory witchcraft tools


Of course, these are just suggestions and questions are not limited to the above,


Online: $100/hour

*Accepted payment methods include Venmo or Zelle. Credit cards are accepted via both methods.

If you wish, you may book sessions for more than one-hour, but no more than four consecutive hours.

Please note that Bella does NOT give tarot, intuitive or channeled readings during sessions. These are structured to help YOU access the ability to develop your own spiritual agency -and intuition. These should also NOT be substituted for therapy with a licensed, clinical professional.


To book your coffee session, email Please include 3-4 possible dates/times (that are at least one week away). 


Bella will respond directly to coordinate. After confirming your session date and time, you will be sent a request for payment via your selected method (Venmo or Zelle). Payment must be received with 6 hours of receipt, otherwise your session will be cancelled.


"Bella, I cannot thank you enough for creating these coffee sessions!

You turned the chaotic time of breaking into a new career into an exciting and enlightening experience. In just an hour I got honest, realistic professional advice and guidance along with manageable action items to help me grow my skills and future career.


I look forward to sharing my progress with you!"

— Jennifer King