The Chrysalis
(Witchy Edition: Amplify Your Magick)
For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Burnout for spiritual entrepreneurs can be a constant struggle. The most common issues are:


  • Maxing out on emotional bandwidth

  • Inability to implement sustainable rates

  • Boundaries with clients



When working in a spiritual capacity, in order to maintain your physical and mental vitality, it’s essential to develop a business model that supports both sustainable growth and personal replenishment.


This program will help you:

  • Scale without energetic depletion

  • Harness your personal magick

  • Ask for compensation without feeling like an imposter

Are you ready to adopt the Chrysalis Witchy Creed?


Meet Your Mentor,

Bella Graham

As a spiritual entrepreneur, I’m passionate about leading with authenticity. With my experience working with Fortune 500 brands such as Google, Rolls-Royce and Fashion Week, I’ve taken the hard elements of business and translated them into magick and the world of intuition.


I created the Witchy Cohort to teach other spiritual creatives how to use their inner power to build profitable, sustainable businesses.

Are You Ready To Amplify Your Magick?

Let Me Help You Cast Your Spells

During my 3-month (12 weeks) mentorship program, I will guide my mentees through a custom-tailored program designed to take their career, small business or brand to the next level of ascension. The program will encompass not just professional and industry know-how, but tools to further develop their intuition, personal truths and spiritual agency — and incorporate them into their business.


This program is open to spiritual entrepreneurs across all disciplines and/or industries; whether you’re a healer, artist, coach, author or creative professional.


As each mentee will have a different set of benchmarks that they’re looking to achieve, I will work hands-on with each individual to develop a curriculum that best suits their needs, and learning/communication style.

How It Works:

  • Connect through our weekly, 1-hour video strategy sessions

  • Collaborate on intention-setting exercises and accountability homework

  • Discover blockages and additional business guidance with the use of tarot - monthly

You Will:

  • Unlock your voice, and unique market positioning, through a business assessment 

  • Upgrade your brand with a professional style guide

  • Channel your personal power through strategic planning

Begin Your Journey:

  • Fill out the application

  • Complete a 20-minute consultation

  • Choose your start date

  • Complete payment ($600/month for 3 months)

You Will Walk Away With:

  • A Strategic Brand Evaluation

  • A Professional Style Guide


  • $600/month for 3 months

  • Save $50 if you pay upfront in full

Bipoc Discount:

As someone who works in diversity and inclusion, I am well aware of the limited access, historical lack of representation and diminished opportunities afforded to the BIPOC community. Therefore, I am offering discounted rates on my program to all BIPOC. The discounted rate is $1500.


In Order to Serve Humanity,

I Must Rise to My Highest Potential

By Consistently Caring for Myself

In A Manner that Prioritizes Personal Growth.

By Respecting My Personal Boundaries,

Standards, Desires and Needs

– And By Pursuing Happiness and Pleasure

– I Continuously Recharge My Spirit,

And Allow Myself to Give to Others

From a Place of Fullness and Plenty.

I Dedicate Myself to Endless Transformation And Embracing My Purpose.